{White Chocolate and Peppermint Popcorn}

This stuff is so yummy! And I love to make it during the Holidays and give it away as little gifts 🙂

16 oz. white chocolate (can use white chocolate baking morsels) or almond bark

1 cup finely crushed (like sand) peppermints (about 10-12 candy canes or 40 mints) I crush my peppermints in my food processor.

4 quarts popped popcorn (about 1/2 cup corn kernels. If you are using air popped corn, throw in a pinch of salt when you sprinkle in the crushed peppermints.

Slowly melt white chocolate or almond bark in the microwave or on stove-top with double boiler. Stir often to keep chocolate from burning. Stir 1/2 cup crushed peppermints into the white chocolate. Place popped corn into a large bowl. Pour melted white chocolate and peppermint mixture over the popcorn. Gently stir to coat popcorn while sprinkling remaining crushed peppermints over the popcorn. Pour out on parchment paper until the chocolate hardens.

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