{Garlic cheesy Artichoke Dip}

I will be forever grateful to my friend Danielle for this dip recipe. Over the holidays I had to make it for our family so they could experience the amazingness! It is so so good! And of course they all loved it and wanted the recipe, so I had to post it on here πŸ™‚
I almost like it better with tortilla chips but most like it with the baguette slices. Either way…Delish!

2 Tbs Butter
5 cloves garlic, minced (I added a little more garlic to mine but if you aren’t a huge garlic fan add a clove less)
2 cans artichoke hearts, cut up
16 oz sour cream
2 8oz cream cheese, softened
2 cups sharp cheddar cheese
1 bread bowl with the top cut off and hollowed out

Saute the garlic in the butter for about a minute on med-high heat. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Put the dip in a baking dish, cover the top with foil and heat in the oven for 1 Β hour at 375. Transfer into a bread bowl. Serve with sliced french or sour dough baguettes or tortilla chips.


  1. ok, this might be a dumb question, but put it in the bread bowl and bake it for an hour? or bake it and then put it in the bread bowl?

  2. I've made this a few times now and everyone LOVES it! Thank you for sharing!! We've been putting the baguettes in the oven (while it is still warm from the dip) for a few minutes to warm up the bread. All I can say is Delish!!!

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