{Turkey Pesto Panini}

This is one of our favorite easy dinners. And it’s kinda like pizza where you can just change it up so much. These were the ingredients we had on hand so we just went with them, and it was really tasty. I don’t own a Panini Maker so I just use my little George Forman Grill and it totally does the trick. 🙂

Bread (I used 8 grain bread)
Thinly sliced turkey breasts from the deli
Cheese ( I used provolone. But swiss would be great too)
1 tomato thinly sliced
Handful of raw baby spinach
Red onion, thinly sliced
2 Tbs pesto
1 Tbs Mayonaise

Butter both sides of the outer slices of bread. Top with the pesto and mayonaise, and then the cheese. Add all other toppings and grill in a panini maker or a George Forman grill (what I use)

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