{Green Chili Pork Taco’s} Crock Pot

This was probably one of the best meals I have ever eaten. I love mexican food. This had so much flavor and was so easy to throw together. My kids loved it and asked if we could have it again tomorrow night. I used Guy Fieri’s Green and Mean Salsa Verde (mild) I’m pretty sure that is what made this dish so fantastic. If you can find it in your grocery store I would definitely get it.

1 (5 pound) pork roast
1 (16 oz.) bottle salsa verde (green salsa)
Juice of 1 lime 
Pico de gallo
Corn tortillas are best with this dish but if you prefer flour go for it

Place pork loin in slow cooker. Mix together salsa verde and lime juice and pour over roast.  Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. To serve, place pork mixture into corn tortillas.  Top with fresh pico de gallo, cilantro and fresh lime juice. Add your favorite rice and beans as a side. 

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