{Greek Tzatziki Chicken Salad}

This recipe is one of the best things to come out of my kitchen. Heavenly, really. It came together so easily and quickly with the rotisserie chicken, you could just make your own chicken, and it would be just as amazing. Let this sit for at least 30 minutes in the fridge to let the flavors blend. Enjoy!

¾ cup plain Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium cucumber, chopped
4 cups shredded rotisserie chicken
6 cherry tomatoes, quartered
½ medium red onion, chopped
3 oz feta cheese, crumbled
¼ cup kalamata olives, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh dill, chopped
2 tablespoons parsley, chopped
Kosher salt, to taste
6 pitas, for serving

In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients except the pitas and mix well. Chill until ready to serve, at least 30 minutes.

Serve on pita bread. Enjoy!

Recipe source: Host the Toast

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