Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs- Instant Pot

Every time I make something new in my instant pot I’m amazed. There is always some fear that it isn’t going to turn out, and then I am blown away with the great results. I have made hard boiled eggs here and there, and can never get them to a point where they are THIS easy to peel, and are perfectly done. Try this method. I promise you will be amazed too.


How to make Hard Boiled Eggs in a Pressure Cooker:

Place 1 cup of water in inner pot of pressure cooker

Place eggs in egg rack or carefully on top of rack that the Instant Pot came with.

Seal pressure cooker.

Set cook time to 5 minutes (5 minutes on high pressure–push the manual button and adjust timer to 5 minutes)

After cook time has elapsed, let pressure release naturally for 5 minutes (I suggest setting a timer that will beep at 5 minutes so you don’t lose track of time. )

Once 5 minutes has elapsed, release any remaining pressure in Instant Pot by using wooden spoon or kitchen towel to knock vent knob to vent position.

Carefully, remove eggs from pressure cooker and place in ice bath. Eggs will be very hot, so I use a oven mit. 

After eggs have been in ice bath for 5 minutes, remove eggs from ice bath.

Peel and enjoy these easy to peel, perfect hard boiled eggs.


Recipe Source: A Mind Full Mom

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